By former ulpanists: We pass this information on to you from our experiences. We hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did and wish you the utmost success.

Upon arrival to the kibbutz you must pay a NIS 400 deposit that will be returned to you on departure only when you successfully complete the program.

In addition to the previously purchased insurance, a US $125 insurance fee must be paid (either in advance or on arrival). This insurance will cover you while you are on the kibbutz and in Israel but is not valid beyond Israeli borders. 

Cell phones are a must in Israel, almost everybody has one. You can purchase a cell phone or a chip at the airport or at the kibbutz when you get settled. We recommend purchasing one right away. The three major carriers are: Orange, Cellcom and Pelephone. Both prepaid and monthly plans are available, but monthly plans require either a credit card or an Israeli bank account.

The currency of the kibbutz is known as Couponim. You can exchange Shekels for Couponim in the ulpan office during daily office hours. Every purchase on the kibbutz is done so with couponim: haircuts, drinks at the pub, snacks, produce, toiletries, etc. 

Absolutely no pets can be brought with you and no pets can be adopted while you stay on the kibbutz!

There are three stores on the kibbutz, the Kolbo, Markolit, (and clothing store). These carry basic necessities such as packaged food, frozen goods, produce, and toiletries, and clothing.

There is a Post Office located in the center of the kibbutz. Your address to receive mail at is as follows: Your Name / Ulpan / Kibbutz Yagur / Israel, 30065

Yagur is a secular and inclusive kibbutz; all religions and denominations are welcome.

Yagur is not a kosher kibbutz.


There are no prearranged group flights. However, you can contact the Jewish Agency for direct transportation from the airport to the kibbutz. 

If you do not arrive directly to Yagur via prearranged transportation, take bus or train to Lev Hamifratz (the closest transportation hub). From there either taxi 10 minutes or transfer to one of the regularly operating buses that will take you to right outside the kibbutz (#75, 331, 332, 180).

Laundry is provided once a week, however, the kibbutz is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

There are three computers available in the office for daily use and wireless Internet access is available in the office for those who bring laptops. We recommend bringing laptops for personal use, however, as with all valuables, you yourself are held responsible. 

There are 2-3 ulpanists per room. 

Yagur is 25-30 minutes by car from Haifa, the third largest city in Israel. 

You can arrive up to 3 days before the ulpan start date, but be sure to arrive at least by the afternoon of the start date. You can also stay up to 3 days after the ulpan finishes.

No prior Hebrew knowledge is necessary for the ulpan program. Upon arrival, 2 teachers will evaluate your Hebrew level and place you in the proper class. 

The ulpan program provides no textbooks or dictionaries. If you have either of these, we recommend brining them to assist during class. 

All Saturdays and Jewish holidays, most of the country shuts down, including transportation.

There is usually no work on Saturdays; however, you will be required to work on at least one Saturday during your stay.

You may leave the kibbutz on Fridays after class/work, however you must return by Sunday morning work/class.

You may also leave the kibbutz after you complete your work or studies for the day but must return in time for the next day of work/class. 

Note that Friday is a short day; transportation shuts down by early afternoon so prearrange all weekend trips. 

Pillow, blanket, sheets and a heater will all be provided to you by the kibbutz. Air conditioning is also installed in every room.

There are three or four excursions provided during the ulpan program (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Dead Sea, Army etc). 

Vacation time must be spent in Israel; under no circumstance are you to leave the country.

All day guests must be announced and approved; there are absolutely no night guests. There are hotels/hostels located in Haifa that can accommodate any visitors.