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Alumni Memories

Well this is going back a bit...I was at Yagur in 1989...we were the Gold Star Gang!! Libby, Emma, Rob, Michelle, Naomi, Terri, Bif, Ian, there was Ed from Amsterdam...oh can't remember any other names!! Give a shout if anyone out there was around then! Would love to hear what you are all doin!! Remember dancing madly to the Waterboys - The whole of the moon especially, such a fab time...will never forget it!!
Jane Stoneley
This is by Far the best Kibbutz for Ulpan.... From the teachers to the the food even the jobs that you are assigned, I had the time of my life! The people that live on the kibbutz become your family. My favourite was the colbo and the roof top of our building. Smadar was amazing and so Ruven. I miss you all... If you are thinking of going there dont think twice!! You will have an amazing time!
I lived and worked on Kibbutz Yagur in 1989 between April and October and the memories of that time are still very vivid in my memory. I worked in various jobs during my stay as was customary it seemed. I started working in the Lageen and Tuboplast factories, which I have to say, I look back on with great fondness. Although the work was laborious and dull, I always found that time a great time to reflect on my life and where it was going. I worked in the kitchen preparing food and in the dining room serving it. I worked in the fruit fields and even in the stores. My perfect job was my last. I delivered fruit and dairy produce around the kibbutz on a snall electric cart, which was great. Regardless of the work we did during our stay on Yagur, the overriding memory is of the people I met and the laughs we had. Drinking, chatting, chasing girls and generally being a reckless 20 year old are what I remember most about my time in Yagur.
John Bond